Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dine n Dash

This American Robin was oblivious to my presence as he was chowing down on some Japanese Honeysuckle berries. Robins are notorious berry eaters and this guy was no exception. He didn't stay long though. He grabbed a couple berries and split, a dine and dash.

Berry Eater I

Berry Eater II

Berry Eater III

Berry Eater VI

Berry Eater V

I posted earlier this week about finding food sources that birds like to eat as a way to find birds to photograph. One other good thing about finding food sources is that there are usually plenty of birds in a small area, meaning you get more chances to get the perfect shot. I had several more pictures of a different robin feeding, but when I loaded them on the computer there was a twig right in front of it. Luckily for me this bird flew into view and I was able to shoot these shots before he flew away.

As always at this time of the week, check out the Pine River Review for World Bird Wednesday, where bird bloggers come together to share photos and experiences. Thanks for stopping by!


Springman said...

Fantastic Robin!
You offer some good advise on finding birds to photograph. I love the agonizing nature of bird photography. Like you said, it could be a twig or the sun could be in your face instead of over your shoulder that steals the shot away from you. When you review your captures at the end of a day sometimes the good ones don't look so swell, but all it takes is one perfect image to make an outing personally historic. ;-)WBW

EmptyNester said...

Love the robin! I had one this year that seemed to enjoy posing for the camera. LOL Thanks for the advice on finding birds to photograph!

mick said...

A great series of photos of a beautiful bird.

Hilke Breder said...

Robins become one of my favorite birds in the winter when they switch to eating berries instead of worms. They add a lot of color to the local scene. Nice series of shots!

Anonymous said...

Great series of photos.

Gary said...

Great series of photos & well tied together with words. Although common, the robin is a welcome visitor at anytime.Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

JM said...

Fantastic sequence! Great job.

Jean said...

I also love American Robins and really enjoyed your feeding photos.
Excellent advice!

Linda said...

Great post! From my experience that if you follow chickadees, especially the popular Carolina Chickadees in our state of Georgia, you will find many other species, such as kinglets, warblers, titmice...etc. Chickades are very active and constantly on the move and forage no wonder smart birds learn to follow them around. Using this technique, I have identified 10+ species of warblers during fall migration in my own backyard!

Happy birding!

Landfill Bird Blog said...

@ Linda - There is no doubt that if you get the chickadees and titmice excited that the other good birds will come to check you out too. I attempt to imitate chickadees when I pish for birds, in fact, that's how I usually get them so close for photos. I've found that robins are really gullible when it comes to pishing, they practically fly into the truck!

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