Saturday, November 13, 2010

BIG Changes!

Welcome to the new Landfill Bird Blog! I've spent a lot of time putting together the new format and it is looking great! There are still some issues to iron out like text color but for the most part the site update is complete. There are lots of new features to check out. Starting from the top you will find the HOME, POSTS RSS, and COMMENTS RSS buttons that will allow you to easily bookmark our updates. Below that you will find the CONTACT, CALENDAR, and RARE BIRD MAP pages. I encourage you to check these pages out as they are great features for allowing you to find my contact info and where all the best birds have been seen on the landfill. At the top of the right side bar are social bookmarking buttons that allow you to share the site with your friends! The Flickr photostream grid has been moved to the sidebar along with a list of species that have been seen on the landfill to date. Last but not least is the flying goose favicon at the top to add that extra touch. I'm excited to bring this update to the Landfill Bird Blog and I hope you enjoy!


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