Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Feature: eBird Observations

I've been looking for a gadget like this for a while and I finally got serious about it tonight and found a good tutorial online that showed me how to create the code. The gadget is in the right sidebar under the title "Recent Sightings" and it shows what birds I have seen that have been submitted to eBird over the past 5 days. This will be especially neat as spring migration gets under way and you will be able to follow what birds are seen on the landfill on a daily basis. Hopefully I will get some great pictures to go along with the sightings. Last year the birds seemed to arrive late towards the end of April but maybe they will show up a little earlier this year. In the past week I have seen four species of swallow (Barn, No. Rough-winged, Tree and Purple Martin) return along with Vesper Sparrows and a Brown Thrasher. So stay tuned and check often as I will be updating frequently once the birds arrive in earnest!


Idaho Birder said...

Awesome! I'm glad the eBird gadget tutorial worked for you. Happy birding!

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