Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dePaul School Bird Presentation

Back in January I had the privilege of speaking to Mr. Kepler's and Ms. Erickson's third grade class at the dePaul School about birds. They had been learning about birds and asking me questions through my blog, and in January I went to speak with them about bird beak adaptations. First there was a brief presentation on the eight different types of beaks and what birds they belonged to and what food items they captured with their beaks. Then we set up a fun activity where the students would come up one at a time in front of the class, select a bird, what beak they thought matched, and the food item that bird would eat.

The beaks and food items both had magnets glued to them so when the kids decided which piece of food each beak was adapted to eating, they would place the beak over the food and it would pick it up. Everyone pretty much got it right on the first try and the students did a great job of matching up birds, beaks, and food. I had a wonderful time speaking to Mr. Kepler's and Ms. Erickson's class and would love to come back again. Not many students get the chance to learn about birds and their adaptations and I am glad I was able to help do my part. It is very important we continue to teach our children about animals and the natural environment and get them interested in the outdoors so they can learn about all the amazing things nature has to offer. Thank you guys for letting me come speak to you and keep up the good work!


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