Friday, October 16, 2009

Savannah Sparrows

The cold weather has arrived in the Bluegrass, unfortunately. But with the cold weather comes cold weather birds! Most of the warblers seem to have moved on and I am only seeing Palm here and there and more Yellow-rumps. Today I saw a rather large group of Savannah Sparrows feeding beside the road, maybe 10 or more birds together. I saw the first White-throated Sparrow, a juvenile, on the landfill October 6th. I'm also pretty sure I saw the white outer tail coverts of a Vesper Sparrow today as well.

Savannah Sparrows can be difficult to identify for new birders or for those whom haven't had the opportunity of seeing them before. To me the easiest field mark is the yellow above the lores. Fine streaks along the flanks, pinkish legs, and a bifurcated tail also are good indicators you are seeing a Savannah Sparrow.


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